The challenges facing President Duterte in a country bereft of justice and plagued by evil.

"The sum total of malignant political machinations is the ticking timebomb they call inevitability."
- Christopher Silverthorne

“My name is Legion,” he replied, “for we are many.” (Mark 5:9)

The Philippines is beset with a legion of demons. They have multiplied under a succession of corrupt governments which have willingly allowed them to flourish.

But the good people saw what had become of this nation and elected an avenging angel to fight their cause.

Why not a more gentle soul?

They chose a man who has risen from a humble background and has fought his way to power with the support of those who entrusted him to serve them.

He has cursed, swore and offended. But his brusque and unremitting behaviour and words have served as a warning to those who would plunge the nation back into darkness. They chose Duterte, not because of blind obedience, but because he possesses a heart filled with the desire for justice.

Could they not find another, one who seemed righteous and pure? No. They chose Duterte because in this man he saw someone who would strike fear into the hearts of those who will not repent. They needed a warrior, not a preacher. They chose wisely.

Now it has come to pass that those who count themselves as legion - the media, the drugs user and peddlers, the opponents of truth, honesty and justice, and the infernal meddlers from foreign shores, are uniting in a campaign of oppression against the President and those who wish to free the nation of it's Satanic elements.

Yes! I say Satanic because those who would deprive the weak, the sick and the poor of basic human rights deserve no respect. This legion of Satan-worshipping demons care nothing but for power and the riches which they steal from those who need help the most. If they will not repent and confess their sins, and hand back their ill-gotten gains, then let them be dispatched to Hell where they belong.

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It is claimed that the Philippines is the home of up to $3 TRILLION (yes, TRILLION!) worth of looted gold, artefacts and treasures.

During World War II, General Yamashita excavated a cave in the Philippines. An eye witness to the events of this time recalls how Yamashita stored gold, artefacts and treasures which were looted from all over Japanese-occupied Asia. Slave labour was used by Yamashita to create these 'vaults' in which he stored which was received in shipments to the Philippines. Upon completion of the vaults, virtually all of the slaves were then beheaded to keep the vaults a secret. Even today, when accessing the inside of the cave, you can still find the remains of human skulls.

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